2 Peter 1

Today we start in Peter's second epistle. The first letter was to help the church face the coming persecution, this one is to help the church face the onslaught of false teachers. Peter starts with a reminder that continued growth in Christian maturity and reliance on the supernaturally given scriptures are foundational. If you haven't … Continue reading 2 Peter 1

1 Peter 5

Peter closes out this epistle about suffering with a call to action. Elders are called to shepherd the flock. I think it is significant that the role of elders is given prominence particularly when the church is about to face suffering. When difficulties arise spiritual leadership is essential. Another prominent call to action in this … Continue reading 1 Peter 5

1 Peter 4

Change is hard. We like the ruts we get into. Especially when we are in that rut with friends who pressure us to staying the same rut with them. We also end up organizing our time to keep us in the rut. Our interests even follow along the same rut. Let's say, for example, you … Continue reading 1 Peter 4

1 Peter 3

I read this morning that the church in Afghanistan is preparing for a murderous onslaught. They are expecting that the Islamist Taliban rulers will do everything they can to wipe out the 5000 - 8000 Christians who are in the country. Similarly, Islamic forces across the middle-east have been emboldened in their snarling hatred of … Continue reading 1 Peter 3