Change is hard. We like the ruts we get into. Especially when we are in that rut with friends who pressure us to staying the same rut with them. We also end up organizing our time to keep us in the rut. Our interests even follow along the same rut. Let’s say, for example, you are in the NFL rut. You enjoy the vicarious adrenaline rush from a closely contested game. You may even enjoy attending or hosting the occasional watch party where you gather with your friends and cheer the game together. If you are big-time into it you are likely scouring the web looking up information about the favorite team and their coming adversaries. The rut can suck up all your time, interest and even energy. It can leave little energy for anything else.

Sin can be a kind of a rut. If you let it, sin can suck up all your time, interest, and energy leaving little for God and His people. That is Peter’s point in this chapter. Peter writes our ultimate goal as Christians is to be delivered from sin. So, he says, turn your back on it now. The time has come, Peter writes, to move on. Get in the rut of prayer, love, and service. That will see you through all the different kinds of suffering that is coming. The time is short. Let’s be done with sin. Time to move on.

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Dr. Dan

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