James is all about faith that works. The kind of faith that is not hidden but rather the kind that goes public. In today’s reading faith that works is displayed publicly in two ways. First, it is an impartial sort of faith. Second, it is a faith that takes some risks.

One question this chapter brings to mind is why we don’t see more evidences of faith among the faithful. One answer often offered is that the lack of evidence shows they were never saved at all. That may very well be. But let me offer an alternative. Perhaps what we see is not so much a lack of real, saving faith but rather a result of the failure to nurture real, saving faith. Maybe the conversation we ought to be having is about how we take a new or immature believer and disciple them so that they become the kind of believer who has the evidences of faith that James is talking about.

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In His Grace,

Dr. Dan

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