One of the threats to a robust and healthy Christian life is lethargy. Without enthusiasm and zeal directed toward the things of the Lord we neglect Him and simply drift away. Today the writer of Hebrews prescribes the cure for lethargy, neglect, and drift. He doesn’t give us a secret formula. Doesn’t prescribe a 3 step solution for spiritual inertia or inactivity. No, his guidance is direct and straightforward. It is simply this, “…go on to maturity…”. In other words, it is time to get on with pursuing not only knowledge but also a life that adorns the doctrine we have learned. The time for spiritual laziness is past. It is time to move forward.

I find this kind of admonition to be somewhat comforting, don’t you? I mean, it is a relief to know that I am not the only one who has to stir up my zeal from time to time. Let’s embrace Hebrews 6 today and stir ourselves up to follow Christ more and more.

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This is a ministry of TheoFaith. My mission in this ministry is to Encourage you to engage with God’s word, Edify you through the word, and Equip you for the work God has entrusted to you.

1 Thess. 12 Thess. 1-21 Timothy 12 Timothy 1Titus 1Hebrews 1
1 Thess. 22 Thess. 31 Timothy 22 Timothy 2Titus 2Hebrews 2
1 Thess. 31 Timothy 32 Timothy 3Titus 3 & PhilemonHebrews 3
1 Thess. 4-51 Timothy 42 Timothy 4Hebrews 4
1 Timothy 5Hebrews 5
1 Timothy 6

In His Grace,

Dr. Dan

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