“See That no one leads you astray.” Matthew 24:4

This was Jesus’ answer to the apostle’s question about the end-times.  As the late Ray Steadman pointed out this short reply forms the structure around which Jesus built this whole message.  

Jesus knew that the end times would be a time of confusion.  So, He warned His followers to be ready.  He warned that imposters claiming to be anointed by God, the Christ, would come with their lies and lead many astray (v. 5).  He warned that geo-political conflicts and natural disasters would throw many into confusion (vv. 6-7). He warned that personal, even deadly, opposition to those carrying the message of His gospel would cause many apparent followers to fall away.  He warned that people claiming to have new and special revelation from God would come forward and also lead many astray (v. 11).

Warnings about confusion were not limited just to Jesus’ end-times followers in Israel.  The church was not immune to confusion.  In 1 Thessalonians 4:13 the church was warned against the fear and despair that arises because of end-times ignorance.  Likewise, in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 the church was warned against end-times deception. In 2 Peter 3 Peter reminded the church to remember the predictions of the prophets and the commands of Jesus given through the apostles (v. 2).  Those predictions and commands concerned end-times scoffers (v. 3).  These derisive mockers would try to justify their own sinfulness (v. 3) and lead others astray by perverting the word of God, denying the coming return of Jesus (v. 4) and the coming judgment (v. 7).

So, whether we are talking about the end-times of Israel, or the end-times of the church the warning is the same: Don’t be confused, don’t be led astray, be ready for an age of confusion.  Today I am launching a series on my YouTube channel that lays out end-times events in chronological order.  Click on the video above or below to watch.  My goal is to eliminate confusion about what the Lord has revealed about the last days of the Church and of Israel.  My prayer is that this series will educate, encourage people to engage God’s Word and investigate these things for themselves; and to live the rest of their lives in light of the Lord’s soon coming.  

In this first installment I lay the ground work for our future videos and close with a discussion of the prophetic significance of the Abraham Accords.


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