1 John 5

Do you know what the future holds for you? Ever wonder how you can you be sure that your future is in fellowship with the Lord? That is what chapter 5 of John is all about. May the Lord use this to give you assurance that your eternal fellowship with Him is secure. If you … Continue reading 1 John 5

1 John 4

Discernment is critical in the Christian life. Throughout the earthly ministry of Jesus and on into the Church Age deceivers have been trying to lure away the followers of the Lord. In today's reading the Lord, through John, provides us with three standards or tests to discern whether someone is leading us to closer fellowship … Continue reading 1 John 4

1 John 3

Sometimes it sounds as if John is demanding sinless perfection from believers! But today's reading will correct that misconception. John's concern is not with perfection but with direction. He knows that perfection awaits us when we are glorified at the coming of the Lord or at our death. What counts today is the direction of … Continue reading 1 John 3

1 John 2

In today's reading John writes of children of light and darkness. Those in the light walk according to the truth, and truth is found in Christ. Those in darkness walk according to lies and those lies are found in the anti-christ. Although all of us are susceptible to stumbling into the darkness let's all endeavor … Continue reading 1 John 2