The charge given in this short letter to all those beloved in God and kept for Jesus (that’s you and me) is to contend for the faith. As so often happens this command is sometimes twisted into a license for contention. That is, any sort of minor interpretive or theological difference of opinion becomes a pretext for the contentious person to contend.

On the other hand sometimes this command is ignored all together. We dismiss the errors and sins of those in positions of trust or authority. “God knows their heart”, “Yes they have {fill in perversion, sexual sin, false teaching} but God will forgive them”, “Well there are a lot of interpretations of the Bible, who am I to question theirs?” These and a multitude of other platitudes are offered as an excuse to duck the command to contend for the faith and do nothing.

Jude provides the church with not only the charge, but it’s scope, and a vivid description of who are those who pervert the doctrine handed down to us from the apostles in the pages of scripture. Here are a couple of other resources to help you sort out and prioritize doctrine. They will guide you toward figuring out what to contend for and when you should just move on to another church. One is an old blog post from Al Mohler entitled “A Call for Theological Triage and Christian Maturity“. The other is a downloadable resource available from Just click on those links and you will be whisked away to those helpful resources.

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James 11 Peter 12 Peter 11 John 12 John3 John
James 21 Peter 22 Peter 21 John 2
James 3&41 Peter 32 Peter 31 John 3
James 51 Peter 41 John 4
1 Peter 51 John 5

In His Grace,

Dr. Dan

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