When people start to discuss various approaches to theology the question always comes up, “What’s the difference?” Sometimes it is said out of exasperation or indifference as in “Who cares?” or “Whatever”. It is also sometimes said out of a kind of spiritual and theological naiveté. Disregarding the gift of teachers given to the church over a period of 2000 years these dismiss theology with phrases like, “It is just me and the Bible” or, “Me and Jesus”, or “Theology is just a man-made system”

Sometimes, some one with a a genuine curiosity and a hunger to know what others have said, will ask “What’s the difference? with sincerity and eager interest. This short series is for them. In it I will focus on two branches of theology: Covenant and Dispensationalism. In this first video I explore the sources of Covenant Theology, discuss how it approaches the Bible, and I present a few of Covenant Theology’s core beliefs. Next time I will look at Dispensational Theology through the same lens. A third video will compare and contrast the two systems. The final video will answer some common objections raised against Dispensationalism.

Full disclosure…I am a dispensationalist. I have done my best to be objective. I apologize if my bias peeks through my discussion. As best as I could I have allowed spokesman for each system to speak for themselves.

I pray that this encourages you to study more deeply, edifies you, and equips you to be a better steward of God’s word and servant of God’s people.

In His Grace,

Dr. Dan

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