Flesh and the spirit is what Paul is writing about in chapter 3. Some deny that there is any such thing as a fleshly, carnal Christian. Unfortunately, nothing can be further from the truth. Let’s set our minds on making progress toward spiritual maturity. Let’s leave our Christian infancy with its fleshly outlook behind!

God’s word is living and active. No one can encounter it without being changed. I pray that today’s reading has a profound impact on you. I pray that it leaves you just a little more Christlike.

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This is a ministry of TheoFaith. My mission in this ministry is to Encourage you to engage with God’s word, Edify you or build you up through the word, and Educate you in the word.

Romans 11 Corinthians 2
Romans 2
Romans 3
Romans 4
Romans 5
Romans 6
Romans 7
Romans 8
Romans 9
Romans 10
Romans 11
Romans 12
Romans 13
Romans 14
Romans 15
Romans 16, 1 Corinthians 1

In His Grace,

Dr. Dan

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