The End Ties in Order, The Tribulation

The Tribulation, spoken about by Jeremiah, Daniel, Zechariah, and the Lord Jesus, occupies a large part in the Chronology of the End-Times Events.  In this video I provide some general background of the Tribulation.  Then I walk through each major event during the tribulation period.  These include:

  1. The Progressive Revelation of the Tribulation
  2. The Tribulation Temple
  3. The Seal, Trumpet, and Bowl Judgments
  4. The 144,000
  5. The Two Witnesses
  6. Babylon

Click HERE, or on the video above to dig into the events of the Tribulation. If you would like a copy of the PowerPoint slides used in this presentation or have a question email me at

10 thoughts on “The End Times in Order, The Tribulation

  1. Dear Mr Starcevich,
    Thank you so much for your good Bible teaching. I believe in dispensational teaching and the pre tribulational rapture of the church and enjoy listening to those who believe as I do, because I think it’s right😊. It’s also encouraging to me and keeps me looking up. I’m wondering if you think the Lord will come for us soon? Hope to hear more of your teaching,
    In Christ, Rhonda D


    1. Thanks so much Rhonda! Yes I do believe that the rapture of the Church is imminent. While we wait we need to be doing exactly what you are. We need to be looking for His coming, equipping ourselves to remain strong in trying times, reach out to others and give them the opportunity to escape the coming wrath. God Bless You!


  2. I just wish Revelation had been written in such a way, coupled together with other key, prophetic books, could be put in an absolute order, but the purpose of Revelation seems to be more geared toward revealing Christ and His Lordship than to give absolute chronology of all events in relation to all others.


    1. Did you know that on the average there is an allusion to the OT every 1.4 verses in Revelation? I think this book gathers up prior revelation and shows how it relates to the last days events. It does not provide us with all the details we want yet it effectively pulls together the earlier revelation so we can see God’s sovereign plan at the end of history.

      Thanks for your comments!


  3. What’s also awe inspiring is that throughout all the horrors in the tribulation, there in the midst is Christ Jesus with His arms spread wide, inviting all to come to Him, and an innumerable mass of people to come to Him in that time, as John saw of the saints who were martyred from the tribulation, but many do not, and therefore perish. The masses who do not take the mark nor worship the image of the beast so infuriate Satan.

    Numbers of people have asked me how I know the Church is raptured out of the earth before the tribulation, and my main points have been that the Church isn’t mentioned anywhere in Rev. 6-19, the gates of Hell are promised to never prevail against the Church, and yet the antichrist overcomes the tribulation saints (not the Church, which is not in the earth at that time), and the tribulation period is known to be the last week of of the 70 weeks of Jacob’s Trouble, which has everything to do with the Jews and the rebellious world, not the Church. The gap between the 69th week and the 70th is remarkable.


    1. thanks for your insights on this. Yes, throughout the tribulation people are coming to faith and being saved. Some will even pay with their lives. God’s patience not only brings Him glory but also puts on display the depravity of those who resist Him.


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