The last chapters of Ezekiel can be a flashpoint of disagreement and contention. Some understand these chapters to be speaking of the spread of the church. Others believe Ezekiel sees a vision of the last days kingdom of God. Still others think Ezekiel is predicting a coming temple in Jerusalem during the millennial reign of Jesus. Whose right? That is what we will explore in this Saturday Special.

By the way, I called this a Saturday Special but it is ready now. So, I thought why not just post it a day early?

2 thoughts on “The Confusion Over Ezekiel’s Vision of the Temple

  1. Excellent presentation. Literal temple goes with a literal millennium with sinful people being born and dying. I haven’t made a decision on the four explanations. It’s still hard to accept the continuation of sacrifices even for ritual purposes.
    How will the antichrist build his temple with the Dome of the Rock on the temple mount? Just wondering.


    1. Great question! Some believe that what is currently thought to be the location of the third temple is wrong. That the third temple will be built on a slightly different location. Others, that the Dome of the Rock will be destroyed.


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