Ron Rhodes, President of Reasoning from the Scriptures, has written over 70 books and is recipient of Harvest House Publisher’s Harvest Gold Award for having sold over 1 million books.  So, it should be no surprise to find that his latest work, New Babylon Rising, is a stellar addition to any library.

Dr. Rhodes opens the book with an introductory chapter that surveys the role of Babylon throughout the Bible.  He makes the point that not only are the pages of the Bible filled with numerous references to this city, but Babylon is specifically important to Bible prophecy.     

 Next, Dr. Rhodes demonstrates that prophecy that has already been fulfilled have been fulfilled literally.  Therefore, he rightly reasons, we should expect unfilled prophecies concerning the city of Babylon to also be fulfilled literally.  The remaining fourteen chapters of this book establish and defend the expectation that prophecies concerning the Biblical city of Babylon will be literally fulfilled.  This means that the city will be reestablished and play a crucial role in the world-wide tribulation described in the Book of Revelation.

Dr. Rhodes is irenic in his approach, as he is in all his books.  In chapter one He shows where the coming revived city of Babylon fits into the chronology of end times events. Then he clearly, accurately, and even-handedly surveys alternative views of the meaning of Babylon in the Book of Revelation.  This provides the background for chapters three and four where he makes the case that the Babylon that the apostle John writes of in The Book of Revelation is the literal city of Babylon. The next two chapters survey the Biblical background of Babylon.  In chapters seven through thirteen Dr. Rhodes explain the end-times prophecies concerning this city.  The penultimate chapter brings all the threads of evidence and reasoning together to provide an overview of end times events and shows where the literal city of Babylon will fit in.  The book closes with a challenge to live now in light of what the Bible says is coming.

This book provides not only a carefully reasoned defense of the view that the Babylon referred to in the Book of Revelation is the literal, revived city of Babylon but it also furnishes the reader with a clear overview of the chronology of end times events.  This book will be a great help to you if you find this aspect of Biblical revelation somewhat confusing.  Furthermore, it should be no surprise that a scholar and teacher who has penned so many books should write with a lucid style.  Dr Rhodes general approach throughout the book is to first provide us, the readers, with a clear assertion that he will support in the coming chapter.  He then provides an overview of his argument.  The rest of the chapter then unpacks the argument and defends his view.  The chapter then closes with a succinct summary.

I highly recommend you add this book to your library.

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